Step 1: I am new to, where do I start?

If you are new to, let me just say Welcome! on this site, you will find many resources that will benefit you in your upcoming Financial Analyst Interview.

You have access to videos, mp3’spdfsarticles and even success stories from previous members which are filled with additional tips.

Frankly, there is quite a bit of material for you to chew through.

So where do you start?

I would start right at the beginning and watch the first seminar video. Grab a pen, paper, some good lighting and a tea or coffee (irish cream anyone? :-)). Here it is:

Step 2: Free Consultation (There is a catch)

Many members have asked me for one on one coaching. Now, coaching is something I have done in the past with great results on both sides.

However, my goal here is to help as many people as I can, and 1on1 coaching doesn’t allow for that.

Moreover coaching requires significant time commitment and that is a luxury I just don’t have at the present time [or you could call me while I take the kids to swimming practice, that is doable but my wife would not be pleased with that option ;-)]

However, for a limited time I am offering one FREE e-mail consultation.

There is a catch (isn’t there always ;-D),

the catch is you must be very clear in your email.

Give me your background, the job you are interviewing for and any specific questions you may have. 

If this is of interest to you, scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your name and email in the opt-in form below, thereafter I will send you some basic instructions on how to do that (takes less than 2 minutes). 

Step 3: Ace The Financial Analyst Interview Success Seminar Videos

The Ace The Financial Analyst Interview Success videos is a work shop/ seminar I did earlier this year to help those with Financial Analyst Interviews.

We had a great turn out and 28 of the 34 participants received offers (an 82% success rate).

2-Financial-Analyst-Interview-Workshop-VideosI would highly recommend that you go through them:


Step 4: Read through the Financial Analyst Interview Articles

For sometime now, I have been periodically writing articles about Financial Analyst Interviews.

To many, these have been tremendously helpful and from the feedback I have received they could be of benefit to those who are not on my email list. 

I have decided to put some of those articles in the article section of (on the right menu).

If you are interested in receiving helpful tips, resources and other material to assist you in your financial analyst interviews you can subscribe at the bottom of this page (I also occasionally send out job postings I receive from my contacts). 

Step 5: Success Stories (Optional)

Preparing for Financial Analyst Interviews is not fun, however it is necessary. Sometimes, you may think that this process will never end and you can get into a negative slump.

It is best to avoid that kind of thinking.

For that reason, I have created a Success Stories section on the site.

Success Stories are emails that I have received from previous readers of, my financial analyst interview success seminar videos, email newsletter or interviewees from my speaking engagements. 

They provide insight on what the candidates have been through, their financial analyst interview experience and other tips that could help you in your interview preparation.

Moreover, I do hope that when you get your job offers that you’ll share with me how you did it — so that I can pass along your tips to others.

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